One of the most important aspects in impact assessment and quality assurance is the evaluation of the applied measures. For that purpose, we have several methods and apply to each measure those that adjust best.

Analysis of the starting situation:

Description of the surrounding where a measure will be applied (spatial, geographical, socio-cultural, traffic technic perspective) and definition of resulting special requirements.

Interviews with experts:

Identification of relevant actors during measure implementation, both on the authorities sphere and on the actors in the field, such as transport consortiums, retailers, representatives of local institutions, etc. With help of deeper explorations in collaboration with chosen actors, we gain a complete picture of respective interests and requirements, as well as assessment capacity of the planned/applied measures.

Representative surveys:

In order to obtain a good insight into the degree of recognition and acceptance of a measure, we carry out a representative survey. By doing so, evidences from typical user groups and their expectations and opinions may come up and specific optimization measures (for example to increase the number of users) could be conducted.

User surveys:

By means of user surveys we obtain information about the real use of a measure, current problems and the real modal shift. This knowledge acts as an important database in order to identify more particular effects.

Effects assessment:

From current data it is possible to extract changes in modal split and, from there, resulting impacts too, such as the desirable CO2 reduction or the achieved traffic calming. A measure evaluation can start during its implementation and continue during the project support phase. In doing so, we beneficiate from an important advantage: we take under consideration relevant information during the implementation, which allows us to carry out a continuous optimization process.

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